Muslin Baby Nest (Child Bed)


Hugmamama muslin nest is a versatile product that allows your newborn to enjoy sleep especially up to 9 months of age. The portability of the product allows the mother to place the baby in a place where she can check on the baby.

The softness of the cushion along with the firm protective sides that stop the baby from rolling over means the baby can sleep safe & sound. Your baby sleeps a tremendous amount during the first few months. This invaluable baby nest will allow you to keep watch on your baby as you go about your daily activities. The two handles that allow the product to be portable also means that carrying your baby will be a breeze.

The baby nest is also adjustable by pulling on the ropes. This allows you to adjust the size as your baby grows.

Each package contains 1 piece of baby nest.

Not simply a baby nest: Hugamama represents the soft hug of the mother. The baby nest is inspired by this soft hug and is designed to make your baby feel like she is in the arms of her mother.

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• Designed by Hugamama, this high quality baby nest is made of organic materials.

• The product is made of 100% cotton. Contains no carcinogens, allergens or phtalates.

• Purpose: The product is designed to put your baby to sleep (inside or outside the crib) as well as safely carrying the baby.

• Hugamama products are pre-washed and are GOTS-certified.

Additional Info

• Each package contains 1 x 85 cm x 45 cm x 14 cm baby nest. The inside section where the baby sleeps is 75 cm long.

• Material: 100% cotton.

• Outside part: Machine Washable.

• Delivery: Products are shipped the same day.

• Designed and produced in Turkey.

• All of Hugamama's products are safe and make parents' lives easier.

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