Velvet Plush Red Ball


• Designed especially for babies by Hugamama, this velvet ball with its black and white sections allow your baby to pick out patterns at the stage where his/her eyes do not differentiate color yet.

• Studies show that the baby is able to distinguish black & white patterns such that this skill allows the baby to start recognizing patterns early developing mental activity.

• There is also a rattle inside the ball that allows the baby to develop his/her hearing as well as understanding cause and effect.

• The baby develops fine motor skills as he/she throws, rolls and hits the ball.



• The ball is made of organic materials that are soft in texture and do not contain any harmful substances.
• As your baby plays with the ball, a curiosity is aroused to touch and understand pattern and texture. This will translate later on to quickly decipher different colors and patterns.
• Also, the baby gets to develop fine motor skills early leading to faster development of hand use in activities as wide ranging as drawing.
• As your baby plays with the Hugamama velvet ball, you can be comfortable in knowing that the product contains no allergens or carcinogens.

Additional Info

• Each package contains 1 red velvet ball.
• Size: 9 cm diameter
• Material: Cotton and minky cloth.
• 0+ age group.
• Delivery: Products are shipped the same day.
• Designed and produced in Turkey.
• All of Hugamama's products are safe and make parents' lives easier.


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